Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Like many westerners, I've been to the Dominican Republic but not Haiti. However, I did visit an illegal village of illegal Hatian immigrants near the border, and they didn't even have any trinkets to sell to tourists.

This article got me thinking about the situation, and the importance of having a stable society. Though we may be three meals away from anarchy, there can be no doubt that modern western cultures, when well fed, perform objectively better than Haitian culture under starvation in promoting human welfare. Humanity's knowledge will increase such that we will be able to better determine which systems are more useful under equivalent conditions, i.e. in a developed and developing country respectively. By trial and error, we've run through quite a few in the last century alone.

Will we have the wisdom to face the truth if and when we learn definitively that some cultures are superior to others?

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