Friday, January 8, 2010

Domino's Pizza and the GOP

When I was very young, I loved Domino's Pizza. I even dressed up as a deliveryman one Halloween.

For a birthday party at my house, my mother ordered pizza from Domino's. Because it was so important and we were getting so many, she preordered the pies the day before.

They never came.

The following year, I still wanted Domino's. My mother hoped that recounting what had happened the previous year would ensure diligence on their part.

It happened again.

I haven't had their pizza in many years, but apparently they're better know for poor pizza than poor service, though they are are trying to turn things around.

Jonah Goldberg thinks the GOP can reinvent themselves too, by admitting their past mistakes like Domino's Pizza is. Is he right that this could work? If so, it their only path to success? Regardless, I doubt their current leadership is prepared to take that step.

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